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Customer Satisfaction

At SPAN ASIA, we realize the satisfaction of our customer’s needs is our only true goal. Since the early 1990s, we have taken our customer’s satisfaction personally, which has helped us to remain one of the leading restaurant equipment suppliers in the country for over two decades.

Superior Values and Commitment to Service

We are committed to providing superior value in our products and services on a continuing basis. We believe in building mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with all of our clients, based on conducting business activities with integrity and respect. The dedication of our professional staff has resulted in the development of a strong international reputation for high quality work, completed in time and within budget.

Efficient & Functional Planning

When you develop a project, it is usually the culmination of years of planning and dreaming. Our goal is to provide the staff and support services to help develop your ideas and concepts. We have literally decades of years of cumulative experience which we employ for you. The finished product is the result of orchestrating our food facilities design, interior space planning, engineering, sales, expediting and installation personnel, with the sole purpose of implementing your ideas and concepts.

An efficient, functional design is the single most important factor in your facility, once your location is selected. Our Design Team, made up of talented kitchen designers and creative hospitality designers, stands ready to provide the most modern, cost-effective facility within your budget. Complete food facilities design and interior space planning services are available.

Technology and Design

An in-depth knowledge of trends in the market is combined with a blend of “time-tested” and “new technology” equipment to provide the best possible production facility.

Our design team employs computer designed (CAD) and 3D Design equipment and programming to develop clear, precise documents for use by other members of our professional team and trades in the field. Interaction with other professionals on the design team is a critical factor in the successful completion of a project. The best available equipment is selected, reviewed, and tailored to meet the unique requirements of your menu, your concepts, and all other crucial factors. Once the design phase is completed, our specification and engineering professionals assure the most high quality manufacturing of equipment’s in a cost-effective solution for the items selected. Our raw material volume purchasing capabilities enable our customers to benefit from very competitive pricing.

SPAN ASIA has been a leader in the industry and a premier kitchen equipment supplier for 60 years. We provide our clients with a complete package for all foodservice facilities. Whether our clients are planning a hotel or convention facilities, a health care operation, a coffee shop or fast food restaurant, our years of experience provide the tools to create the optimum foodservice facility.